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Agape Therapy Services

At Agape Therapy Services , we are dedicated to providing quality Speech and Language Therapy, to all ages. Our mission is to provide individualized treatment in a caring, fun, and supportive environment. We strive to help our clients reach their full potential while learning skills to communicate effectively, perform activities of daily living, gain independence, and achieve success in many areas of life. We also encourage family members to remain active in the treatment process as our therapists provide training and carryover techniques to be implemented in the home environment.  We understand the need for services for the adult/geriatric population, Agape Therapy Services has expanded to offer an adult division: GAP, our Geriatric and Adult Program. We have been serving San Antonio and Surrounding cities since 2015.

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Speech-Language Therapy

We provide speech and language therapy services to children and adolescents in individual sessions or in daycare/school settings, and as well as the home environment. We will complete an evaluation and consult with you on appropriate therapy treatments, plus we’ll set up a program specialized for your needs.

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GAP, our Geriatric and Adult Program.

We evaluate and treat a number of different speech, language, communication, and swallowing disorders. For example, if a patient has slurred speech due to a stroke, head injury, or neurological disease, we can help improve speech sound production. We can also help patients deal with language issues, such as trouble finding the right words or difficulty forming complete statements. In addition, we work with patients  with cognitive difficulties, including problems with short-term memory, organization, and planning.  We work with patients that have difficulty swallowing.


Why do we choose to work in the home?

Learning takes place in the child's natural environment.  Increased opportunities for parental involvement including direct parent training and teaching.  Therapists can provide practical solutions for language growth based on communication needs. Easier generalization of skills from the therapeutic setting to the child's everyday communication environment. Gives the therapists a clear understanding of the parent/child interaction in regards to their communication abilities

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Community Outreach & Events

Our support and programming division is designed for families who have children with special needs. Supported by community donations, we create social and informative programs throughout the year which will help families thrive. Please see our events page for more detailed information on specific programming. All of our programs are open and free to anyone in the community!

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