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Why I became a Speechie?

Why I became a Speechie?

I'm asked this question on multiple occasions and at times I ask myself along this journey called Life. I always had a love for science and seeing results from a young child my first science project of measuring how fast sugar cubes melted. I loved science but had a hate relations ship with math. It was so bad a former teacher asked my mom if I was LD (learning disabled). I hated math so much I would take it in summer school with a tutor so I could be done. My mom was a speech-language pathologist and she suggested my freshman year in high school how about you shadow a speech pathologist and let me know if you like. You are a great scientist and problem solver. I did service learning and worked with school and medical speech pathologist. I developed the love for helping little people communicate their wants and needs. I loved seeing the progress and working through challenges.

That love and determination continued from high school, undergraduate, and graduate studies. My major has always been Speech Pathology & Audiology from high school. Not many people are blessed to know their purpose at a young age. I have been gifted to work with children, medically fragile, trauma patient, clients with intellectual disabilities, stroke, and patients for end of life care. I have been so fortunate to enjoy and learn from each special opportunity. I am blessed to be able to make an impact in someone's life with the goal of working myself out of a job. Let me be a blessing to you and your family.

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